5:2 Diets

Interesting post on a trendy diet

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I’ve got several clients who’ve tried the latest 5:2 diet fad (where you eat under 500 calories 2 days of the week, then “eat sensibly” the other 5)

In theory and in the short term it does work…unless, like most people, you don’t follow the rules

The biggest problem is usually that dieters carry on over-eating in the 5 “sensible” days, so wiping out any gains on the others too. Our minds are masters at fooling us that a little here and there won’t hurt…but it does!

Then there’s the question of how you fit in a sub-500 calorie day into your life. We’re talking a bit of veg (they’re low but they do have calories) and maybe a soup…boring

From what I’ve seen the nutritionists are saying this route isn’t quite so bad as some of the very low calorie diets…which can lead to health issues such as gallstones…

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